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Circuits features multiple Arenas, each with varying objectives and gameplay. Each game that takes place inside an arena is often referred to as a "Match".

Each arena has its own set of rules and guidelines, though all major formulas and interactions stay the same. Often times, champion stats or items available will change slightly based on the arena. These changes are highlighted specifically in the arena details. If no changes are highlighted, it can be assumed that that Arena uses the default configuration for champions and Items.

Circuitball[edit | edit source]

Circuitball is a unique 5v5 game mode where two teams must work together to get the Circuitball into the enemy team’s “endzone”. The ball spawns in the middle of the map and can be carried, passed, or intercepted, requiring players to combine traditional MOBA team-fighting with coordinated strategy to score points.

Standoff[edit | edit source]

Standoff is a 5v5 single lane map similar to "ARAM" style maps from other MOBAs. The primary objective is to destroy the enemy team's main structure. Minions spawn at each team's base and charge toward the other side every interval. Each team has 2 towers as well as a "barracks" structure that upon destruction grants the opposing team "super" minions. Single-lane has two variants, a blind pick draft and an all random mode.

Siege[edit | edit source]

Siege is a 5v5 map featuring two phases, an attack sequence and a defense sequence. Each side has various strategies at their disposal, each involving playing around map objectives and their allied minions and generals. Players can utilize neutral jungle minions, build siege engines, sabotage walls and forests, or just brute force down the gate with classic team-fighting and pushing. After winning the attack phase or time expiring, the teams switch sides, with the team completing the siege the fastest being declared the winner.

This map is currently in concept stage and will not be present for Kickstarter.

Standard MOBA Map (Unnamed)[edit | edit source]

The traditional 5v5, three-laned map featuring AI-controlled minions pushing in waves with the ultimate goal being the destruction of the enemy main structure. In Circuits and Shields, our "standard MOBA map" comes with multiple twists. Located around the map are multiple neutral objectives beyond basic jungle minions, including capture-and-hold territories, recruitable neutrals, and even map-shifting events. Our most notable twist is what we call "environmental drafting", where during champion draft, teams also vote/draft environmental pieces. As your team composition evolves, the map and therefore your strategy dynamically builds based on your choices.

This map is currently in concept stage and will not be present for Kickstarter.