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Blessings are purchasable buffs or events for your team. This page discusses how blessings work and their specific mechanics. For a list of all blessings in Circuits and Shields, visit: Blessings List.

For items bought with Gold, see Items or Items List

Favor[edit | edit source]

Blessings are purchased with Favor. Favor is earned automatically throughout the match. Additional favor can be earned through objective completions/events.

All players on a team will earn the same amount of favor each game, no individual favor is rewarded. Players can "delegate" their favor to other members of the team to allow a single member on a team to handle all Blessing purchases. Players can also pool favor toward a certain blessing (i.e. Player 1 has 500 favor and wants to purchase a blessing worth 1000 Favor. Player 1 can contribute his 500 favor to the blessing which will remain there until other teammates pool enough to reach the 1000 mark).

Blessing Types[edit | edit source]

  • Buffs: Buff Blessings give your entire team a stat buff for X duration. These range from a 20% movement speed buff to 50% increased damage.
  • Events: Event Blessings involve some one-time action occurring in the arena, whether that is a global arena effect or in a concentrated area.
  • Assist: Assist Blessings give your team an AI controlled unit that charges down a pre-determined path, eliminating enemies it encounters.
  • Other: Other Blessings are blessings that don't fit into an existing category, usually performing some special function.

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Example Blessings[edit | edit source]

  • Shallow Grave: The next 5 players to die will have their death timers reduced by 25%.
  • Medicine Ball: Players carrying the Circuitball are slowed by 20% for the next one minute.
  • Battle Royale: After a 30 second delay, all players are teleported to a constantly shrinking Colosseum type Arena where both teams will battle until one emerges victorious. The winning team earns 300 gold per player.
  • Bodyguard: The purchasing player receives a one-time use item that can be cast in a location, summoning an AI controlled Archangel that patrols the nearby area and attacks any enemies that enter.

Blessing Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Blessings can be purchased anywhere on the map, they do not require you to be inside the base. The majority of blessings do have a delay before activating (to prevent purchasing buffs right before/during a major fight)
  • Blessings can and often will affect both teams.
  • Some blessings will disable purchasing new blessings temporarily. For example, buying a large Buff Blessing will disable purchasing new Buff Blessings for the duration. Disables are noted on tool tips. This is to prevent purchasing a mass amount of blessings at one time.
  • Blessings have a cooldown after being purchased. They must recharge until they will be up for purchase again. Some share a cooldown with others.
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