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Circuitball is an arena involving a single ball which must be picked up and run into the enemy team's end zone. The map has multiple points of interest, including a large bonus creep spawn which gives a large buff to your team.

Background/Lore[edit | edit source]

Circuitball has long been a pasttime of the God's Realm (XYZ name). Its citizens revel in the cruel action of watching a team's enforcer ignore the ball in favor of simply eliminating the enemy team.

An arena was carved into a mountainside solely for Circuitball matches. While the Arena is bright with streams and greenery truly fitting of the God's Realm (XYZ), this beautiful nature is stained by the blood of the match's combatants. XYZ finish Lore.

Arena Layout and Objectives[edit | edit source]

Overhead view of Arena XYZ

Arena Specific Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Objective[edit | edit source]

The objective in Circuitball is to either carry the ball or throw the ball into the enemy team's end zone. Carrying the ball into the end zone, known as a 'capture', rewards 7 points. Throwing into the end zone, known as a 'XYZ', awards 3 points. Note, if an enemy player catches the ball inside their end zone before it hits the ground, you will not be awarded points.

The first team to 35 points wins.

Notable Timers[edit | edit source]
Time Event
00:20 Base Gates Open
01:00 Ball and Jungle Minions Spawn
04:00 Hyper Event
06:00 Super Creep Spawns (XYZ Name)
08:00 Carnage Event
Notes:[edit | edit source]
  • The ball spawns back in the primary position after 45 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds of being untouched, the ball will reset to it's primary position.
  • The Hyper Event occurs at the 4 minute mark and every subsequent 8 minutes after that (4, 12, 20, 28).
  • The Carnage Event occurs at the 8 minute mark and every subsequent 8 minutes after that (8, 16, 24, 32).
The Ball[edit | edit source]

The ball is the primary mechanic in Circuitball. It spawns in the center of the arena and takes 2 seconds of uninterrupted channeling to pick up. Once the ball is picked up, its "carrier" is slowed to 80% movement speed.

While carrying the ball, you gain access to a new ability called "Throw Ball", which will automatically bind itself to the first hotkey available unless specifically bound under Keybinds. Activating this ability will throw the ball to a target location within 800 Range (XYZ). The location where the ball will land is then marked with an indicator as soon as the ball is thrown. Any player, allied or enemy, can stand on the indicator and catch the ball, allowing coordinated teams to quickly move the ball throughout the arena.

Note that the ball cannot be carried over walls. Using a movement ability that would take you over a wall will cause you to drop the ball before crossing the wall. However, the ball can be thrown over walls, so be sure to spread your team out ready to receive passes when needed.

Gold, Favor, and Experience[edit | edit source]

Gold Reference Chart

Favor Reference Chart

Experience Reference Chart

Death Timers[edit | edit source]

Death Timers for Circuitball are calculated by the following formula: XYZ

Current Meta[edit | edit source]

The average game time for this type of match is expected to be around 15-20 minutes.

XYZ Describe top/mid/jungle/bot or any relevant information.

Matchmaking[edit | edit source]

See the Matchmaking page for currently available queues for Circuitball.

Mutators[edit | edit source]

Custom games of Circuitball can be created with various mutators, which can drastically change gameplay. Circuitball's list of variants can be found on the Mutators page.

Media[edit | edit source]