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This guide serves as an introduction to specific mechanics inside Circuits and Shields, and is simply a summary that contains references to the main page of each mechanic. It will introduce new features as well as compare features to current popular MOBAs, namely League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and DotA2. Note, this guide assumes you're new to Circuits and Shields, but not MOBAs. If you're new to MOBAs, visit the New Players Guide

Summary of Changes[edit | edit source]

Circuits has a few universal mechanics that differ from typical MOBAs. Click on the page redirect under each summary to be taken to the main page:

  • Last Hitting features an assist mechanic. So long as your damaging attack reduces the enemy minion's HP to a certain threshold, it will execute the minion and count as a last hit and reward gold. Note, this assist mechanic does not work on Jungle or Super minions..
  • Base Stats scale based on a percentage modifier. If your percentage modifier is 5% for HP, you gain 5% of your total HP each level. Regeneration stats do not scale per level and work on a percentage rather than a value, i.e. 2% health regeneration, not 50 HP per second.
  • Additive vs. Multiplicative: All stats are additive. This means if you have two items, one giving 10% Armor Pierce and another giving 20% Armor Pierce, you have 30% armor pierce. There are no stats that are multiplicative.
  • Stat Maximums: Some stats, like Cooldown Reduction, are capped at maximum values.
  • Augment Tree: This is the ability leveling system used inside the arena. It can somewhat be compared to "Masteries" from League of Legends or "Perks" from Heroes of the Storm.
  • Items: There are no recipes for items; all items work as tiers from T1 to T3, with T3 generally providing a major enhancement effects.
  • Inventory: Your champion has 1 "Mind Implant" (i.e. role item) slot, 1 "Body Implant" (i.e. boots) slot, and 4 equipment slots.
  • Arenas: Circuits has multiple map types, each with varying objectives.
  • Headquarters, located outside of a match, uses two forms of currency, basic currency ("Honor", earned through playing) and real currency ("Glory", cash shop).
  • Matches use two forms of currency, Gold and Favor. Gold is used to purchase items similarly to other MOBAs, while Favor is used for team-style buffs and items.
  • Banning works by all players nominating two choices for champion bans simultaneously. These choices are assigned points and the top two point earner champions are banned.
  • Some champions have activatable passives. These are bound by default to the 'T' Key.
  • All abilities except for your ultimate are available at level 1.
  • Abilities automatically gain power per champion level, not spell level. Additionally bonuses for abilities are handled through the Augment tree.
  • Abilities like Blink/Flash, Teleport, Heal, and Cleanse are built into items, either on equipment, your implants, or as purchasable consumables.
  • Certain game modes and maps may have different champion stats/items for balancing purposes. If changes are not explicitly stated, the default should be assumed. Specifics can be found on that Arena's page.