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Vexa Icon.png
Name: Vexa
Title: The Eternal Conservator
Faction: Other
Roles: Mage, Support
Release Date: PreRelease
Cost: 6300 HonorIcon.png
800 18px
Resource: Mana
Health: 1950 (+4%)
HP/5: 4%
Mana: 600
MP/5: 4%
Energy Regen:
Atk Damage: 90 (+2%)
Atk Speed: .65 (+.03)
Atk Range: 400
Armor: 50 (+3%)
Resist: 30 (+2%)
Move Speed:
*Numbers in parentheses are the percentage of the current stat gained at each level

Vexa is a playable champion in Circuits and Shields. Vexa is a ranged support/mage character that has multiple ways of subduing the enemy team and aiding her allies.

History[edit | edit source]

In the distant ages of the future, a race of sentient machines named the Eternals will arise and create the entity known as Vexa. Upon her creation, the caretakers of the Birthing Matrix marked Vexa’s source code for its talent in the assimilation and analysis of data, which after several cycles of guided evolution, earned her a position as conservator of the Sacred Archives. As conservator, it is her duty to safeguard and expand the Sacred Archives, the sum of all knowledge the Eternals have amassed since their creation.

Throughout her service, however, a glaring omission in her people’s history haunted Vexa. All recorded history of the Eternals began with the formation of the Collective, the Eternal’s current ruling body, and any information predating this event is accepted as lost. Vexa’s programming dictated the collection of all information, regardless of circumstance. She became obsessed with the origins of her race, spending centuries scouring ancient data banks for further information. In the end, the only thing Vexa found was an unacceptable gap in the Sacred Archives.

Unbeknownst to the Collective, Vexa used her knowledge to unearth a vault of banned technology deemed too perilous to ever wield. Knowing the punishment the Collective would pass down for her trespasses, Vexa was nonetheless bound by her programming to investigate this lost period of her race’s history and bring the Sacred Archives to fulfillment, no matter the laws she must break to do so.

Inside the vault laid the reality-bending contraption known as the ‘Traversal Gate’, doorways through time that Vexa could use to experience her race’s beginnings firsthand. Vexa went so far as to affix the Traversal Gate to her own frame, gaining control over the very laws of continuity itself, allowing her access to timelines prior to the Collective’s formation.

After decades of relentless search, Vexa came upon a strange world, filled with various races unlike any Vexa had ever encountered in her time as Conservator. While Vexa immediately noted their obvious inferiority, she was amazed to find one race bearing a similar structural composition to her own.. The rogue Eternal now fights in this strange time, determined to understand what connection exists between these proto-Eternals and her own origins. So long as the gap in the Archives remains, Vexa will do whatever is necessary for her knowledge to be sated.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Vexa D Icon.jpg
Location Target
700 Range
10 second cooldown 50 Mana cost

Vexa sequentially places two gates along a wall or obstacle. The gates are linked and any projectiles passing through one gate comes out the other gate. Players can also pass through the gates, though once they pass through, they are unable to cross again for 10 seconds. This restriction includes Vexa. Once Vexa begins the cast of Traversal and places the first gate, she must place the second gate before performing any other action (placing the first gate stops movement), otherwise the casting is cancelled and the first gate is removed as well.
 • If Vexa walks out of 1000 range of either gate, both gates disappear, reducing the current cooldown of traversal by 20 seconds. Traversal gates last for 5 seconds after Vexa’s death.
Vexa Q Icon.jpg
Gravity Well
Line Skillshot
1000 Range
15 second cooldown 60 Mana cost

Vexa fires a swirling bolt of time and space out from her rod. The bolt travels forward, damaging any units caught by the blast. The bolt grows largest at its farthest point, where it then explodes, sucking in any enemies caught in it’s blast
DAMAGE: 150 + (50% of Spell Power)
Vexa W Icon.jpg
Unit Target
1000 Range
15 second cooldown 60 Mana cost

Vexa targets an allied unit or herself, greatly increasing their movement speed for 5 seconds
Vexa E Icon.jpg
Cone Skillshot
400 Range
10 second cooldown 90 Mana cost

Vexa unleashes a powerful wave of energy from her body, damaging and pushing enemies in the specified direction. (Vacuum can go outward or inward)
DAMAGE: 200 + (30% of Spell Power)
Vexa R Icon.jpg
System Reset
Location Target
1500 Range
120 second cooldown 200 Mana cost

Vexa unleashes the power contained in her frame, reversing all time in the area. All players caught in the blast are placed in temporary stasis, returning to their exact states (including position, health, and cooldowns) from 1.5 seconds prior. After 1.5 seconds, the stasis wears off.
Stasis: 1.5 Seconds

Playstyle and Items[edit | edit source]

Vexa relies on her traversal gate usage to aid her allies with escape and engage paths, as well as helping her land gravity well. She also has a myriad of combos possible between her three main spells, such as tossing a gravity well out, speeding herself up to engage, then pushing an enemy into the focal point of Gravity Well’s explosion using Vacuum. Vexa is meant primarily to be a support character that deals AP damage.

Augment Tree[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon! XYZ

Skins[edit | edit source]

[[File:]] Release Date July 20, 2016
Type Default
Cost Free
In Game Model
Extra Information

[[File:]] Release Date July 20, 2016
Type Enhanced
Cost 100 Glory
In Game Model
Extra Information

Accessories[edit | edit source]

Release Date October 29, 2014
Type Default
Cost Free
In Game Model

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